Steven & Samira Hurd

Inspired by the success his family had in creating wealth through real
estate, Steven started his career in 2009 right in the middle of the
Great Recession. It was a very competitive market and deeply
uncertain time for the U.S. economy.

Steven realized that he needed to offer something unique to a
market that was crowded with many real estate agents using the
"traditional" approach to selling real estate. Steven quickly found a
niche in building an education based approach to selling real estate
empowered by high trust relationships with his clients.

Within only a few years, Steven was selling more homes per month
than the national industry average for Realtors and had built a
reputation for being an agent with a strong work ethic, excellent
negotiating skills, 5 star customer service, and a commitment to
integrity in all things.

7 years into his career, on top of still selling real estate, Steven took
on a role as a coach and mentor to newer agents to teach them how
customer service and care are really the keys to succeeding in this

Now, almost 11 years into his career, Steven has adopted a bigger
vision for the future. Stevens goal is to help donate 1 million dollars
in the next 5 years to help support the development of at risk youth,
as well as abandoned animals. In Stevens words "When you start as
a Realtor, you really want to be successful and help a lot of
people. Once you've built life long relationships with your clients,
you realize that real estate is the easy part. The real work to be done
is out there in the world, helping those who can't help
themselves. My business exists to help make the world a better

Steven, his wife Samira, and their dog Charlie live in Rancho Santa
Margarita. They enjoy spending time with family, traveling to Big

Bear, and creating great memories with friends.

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