#1 Tip For Home Buyers In 2024

Here's my number ONE tip for home buyers in 2024.  Get a FULLY UNDERWRITTEN APPROVAL!  What does that mean? It's like a pre-approval that actually means something. Essentially, a pre-approval is just a very basic review of your income, debts, and assetts.  So, when you write an offer on a property and they see you only have a pre-approval, it really doesn't carry any weight.

A fully underwritten approval, however, means the underwriter at the lenders company has fully reviewed your file, dotted the "I"s and crossed the "T"s so, when presenting to a listing agent, it looks like your approval and offer is totally solid.

It's very easy to get and should only take an extra 2-4 days so I highly recommend doing this BEFORE starting to search for properties.  Low inventory and multiple offers are very common in 2024 so any preparation you can do will save you time, energy, and lots of money as prices continue to rise.